Two very important events that we can still catch up on August 1st – with David Lindo

Full programme here:

August 7th – with Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin Watch here:


JULY 2021


Very happy to attend the launch of Dara McAnulty’s exciting new book – Wild Child. The launch saw Dara in conversation with Chris Packham – two very inspiring speakers working to encourage young readers to engage with the natural world.



MIX Conference 2021 - Amplified Voices – Screening of Rain Frog Promise and Q & A Thrilled to be part of Bath Spa’s Mix Conference poetry film curation - Amplified Voices – with Prof. Lucy English, Sarah Tremlett and Adrian B. Earle. Focus: Voicing the more-than-human.


download the brochure Amplified-Voices-2021-Brochure-V2.pdf



JUNE 2021

The ninth Athens International Video Poetry Festival is online this year opening on Sunday 6th of June, and then permanently accessible online. This is a major open resource and I’m very pleased that my interview with Sarah Tremlett on her ground-breaking book The Poetics of Poetry Film is available in the Lectures and Performance Zone.

Sarah is very happy that the book will contribute to this brave and ambitious project to give open access education on the arts online.


MAY 2021

Skydancer Day – Sunday May 9th

The first ever Skydancer Day to celebrate spring in the uplands.



The Bird Book

Ta da…! Here’s what’s been keeping me busy!

Thrilled to have been invited to work on this Studio Press project with film-maker Roxy Furman and illustrator Nicola Howell Hawley – from Howell Illustration. Thanks to our editor and concept-lead – Sophie Blackman.



Publication Day is 27th May but to learn more about the background to the project check out Nicola’s excellent blog:



We Need Nature!

Attended the inspiring Wildlife and Countryside Link Webinar on nature and mental health:



APRIL 2021

You Are Not Alone: Facing Mental Health, Head On

Very excited to attend this innovative collaboration between University of Southampton and Yale University. The event includes Ahmed Hankir - the Wounded Healer from the NHS and explores the power of performing arts and storytelling to discuss mental health experiences.



Indigenous Healing Ways for Mental Health Webinar

Learned so much from this inspiring and illuminating event!




Around the World in 80 Plants

A Linnean Society Lecture. An absolute joy to watch and learned SO much. Thanks to the Linnean Society for bringing the extraordinary Jonathan Drori to our screens. There’s still time to catch up here –


SO worthwhile:


Watch the video  


Reintroduction and Rewilding Summit April 2021

A special time to celebrate long-term thinking! Looking at the incredible work going on to reintroduce, restore, rewild, and relocate wildlife and their habitats to the UK (and beyond)! Huge thanks to the Birds of Poole Harbour and the Self-Isolating Bird Club for a very powerful summit!



REELpoetry Festival, Houston – 24th - 28th FEBRUARY

Lucky to be in conversation with Sarah Tremlett on Friday 26th at REELpoetry:  



Congratulations Julie and thank you for inviting me into this ‘conversation’. It’s been a joy to work with you on this collection. The Root and the Wing is a collection of lyrical poetry and prose ‘sketches’, some of which first featured in shortened form in the ‘Country Diary’ column of The Guardian. It is a vibrant celebration of life rooted in place and people.


Congratulations to Dave Colton for his sensitive and haunting book design.


Also, this month, we have our first glimpse of the new book by Sarah Tremlett – the industry bible for poetry film. The book I wish I had by my side when I began my adventures in poetry film.






Very excited to be attending the four-day Inscribe ‘Invention of Writing’ Workshop. Writing may have arisen out of images, but not all images have become systems of writing. How did this invention take place? When does an image become a sign?

Abstracts and Full Programme:





May the holidays be kind – stay safe and well.



Congratulations Julie! So very proud to have been part of the development of this poetic and timely book.



Selfie with Marilyn - interview published on Liberated Words website! A conversation with the extraordinary Sarah Tremlett on the creative journey taken with poet Heidi Seaborn and non-binary artist, Hatti Rees. Selfie with Marilyn in ZEBRA, Berlin and FOTOGENIA, Mexico City – representation – who makes the image?

Really appreciate the longer, darker nights helping me to focus on research, writing and editing… lots of news to share about these projects very soon.



 The Orkney International Science Festival Island Magic and Global Insights Spellbinding!



 The Virtual Bird Fair


Insightful discussions with conservation heroes, nature writers and photographers. Recordings available for the next 3 months.


Especially The Gaia Girls, Nature in Lockdown and the Future of Nature Writing.



 The Launch of Wild Juctice’s e-action: 120,000 letters sent to MPs at close of the initial phase of the 24 day campaign.


JULY 2020

 Working with Dr. Julie Armstrong on her latest manuscript.


Julie’s blog is always thought provoking and uplifting.


Spending far too much time exploring “At Home with Penguin”


JUNE 2020

 Surveying pollinators and filming for hand-me-down flowers project. UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme: Flower-Insect Timed Count – PoMS


MAY 2020

 Hay Festival Digital 2020


Outstanding events – including the magical Jackie Morris conjuring a moon hare.


Taking full advantage of a little extra time and a subscription to Hay Player.


APRIL 2020

 Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin launch The Self-Isolating Bird Club. A lifeline!



MARCH 2020

Bristol – LYRA Poetry Festival.  Happy and very humbled to have been invited to be part of the Poetry Films for the Environment Screening and Event at LYRA on 14th March.  This is part of Liberated Words’ ongoing support for artists and poets who are responding to a planet in environmental crisis. 

  “The international screening features work from: Mary McDonald, Penn Kemp; Ian Gibbins; Helen Dewbery, Suzannah Evans; Helen Moore, Howard Vause; Jutta Pryor, Lucy English; Janet Lees; Fiona Tin Wei Lam, Tisha Deb Pillai; Valerie LeBlanc, Daniel Dugas; Meriel Lland; Sarah Tremlett.

The panel discussion features Mark Smalley from Extinction Rebellion; ecopoets Helen Moore, Meriel Lland and Caleb Parkin, with poetry filmmaker Sarah Tremlett, curator and co-director of Liberated Words CIC. Chair poet Lucy English, co-curator, co-director of Liberated Words and Lyra festival.”

Poetry Films for the Environment Arnolfini Art Gallery 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA, FREE EVENT Sat 14th March 1–2 @lyrafest @liberatedwords @ArnolfiniArts


FEBRUARY 2020 Latin_no American VideoPoetics – Freeing Silenced Voices.  

An exciting, moving and important evening at the Bristol Poetry Institute.  Rebecca Kosick and Sarah Tremlett of Liberated Words created a platform to introduce  VideoBardo to the UK.


A unique opportunity to hear  Marisol Bellusci and Javier Robledo discuss the VideoBardo Festival and Film Poetry in Argentina and Latin America. 

Cornwall – filming/photographing harbour steps and gulls in Mevagissey and Charlestown.


Saigon Adventures.  Author Residency with Dr. Michael Leach.  A visit to Vietnam to present zoology and ecology sessions at the Saigon South International School in Ho Chi Minh City. The students' engagement and enthusiastic welcome were wonderful. With thanks to Lara and Dan Keller, Claire Elam  and Amy Coquillard.  A  fascinating visit just ahead of Tet – the lunar New Year.  Yellow Plum Blossom welcomed in the Year of the Rat.




Preparing for workshops in Ho Chi Minh City and reading... Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe by Kapka Kassabova. 

Will be visiting the birthplace of Thich Nhat Hanh and re-reading - “At Home in the World”. 



 West Coast of Ireland. Working at The Mayo Science Festival. A truly haunting place to visit.  The people, landscape and wildlife were a delight. Thank you to Castlebar College and County Mayo.  Filming on the Wild Atlantic Way Sculpture Trail and finally found Brent Geese.




 New Scientist Live, one of the world's biggest Science Festivals.  10-13th October at ExCel London, it covers physics, neuroscience, artifical intelligence etc. Other speakers include Alice Roberts, Marcus du Sautoy, George McGavin and Liz Bonnin.   Working with Dr. Michael Leach on gorilla communication.




Orkney International Science Festival. In Kirkwall the subject was wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic. Ferry to Hoy to work with Prof. John Brown - Scotland's Astronomer Royal. John looked at Ursa Major - Great Bear Constellation, Michael spoke about working with Polar Bears. Exciting  sessions at Kirkwall Grammar and other Orcadian Schools.  Thanks to Prof. Howie Firth.

Filming jackdaws at dusk and dawn. Final stretch of the North Coast 500 en route – 516 miles of delight.  Now to start again…



Hen Harrier Day 2019.  Carsington Water, Derbyshire.


Filming late summer garden wildlife and studying painted ladies – thistle butterflies.



JULY 2019

New six book series published in US. Animal Explorers. Michael Leach & Meriel Lland. Pub Enslow (New York). Carnivores, Creatures of the Ocean, Insects and Mini Beasts, Omnivores and Herbivores, Reptiles and Amphibians and Birds.



JUNE 2019

Presentation to the National Botanic Garden of Wales, on the ecology of tropical rainforests and the threats they face.  Great opportunity to film in the gardens – pollinators having a wonderful day!


Reading...  Underland: A Deep Time Journey by Robert Macfarlane 



MAY 2019

Lovely to learn there’s a new edition of the Animal Encyclopedia in Romania.



MAY 2019

A Masterclass in Pitching! Thanks so much to Olivia Chapman for running this superb event for our Finalists! Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to Manchester Met for supporting the masterclass. What an inspiring day!


APRIL 2019

Newlyn International Film Festival Very happy to have Rabbit in the Moon selected for this thriving event.



MARCH 2019

Caithness International Science Festival. Thanks to Iain, Elena and Amanda for making this wonderful event possible.



Northern Ireland Science Festival. Animal Communication workshops in Lisburn and Strabane. Plus events in Belfast and Lurgan arranged by N.I Libraries. Special thanks to Valerie and Heather for making this such a happy visit.



Congratulation to Dr. Michael Leach – long-time collaborator. Michael has been elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society.



The Encyclopedia of Animals is published in a Swedish Edition:




A Natural History of Christmas presentation to a private society in Tavistock, Devon.


The journey across Dartmoor was so atmospheric


NOVEMBER 2018 - National Creative Writing Graduate Fair

A visit with my wonderful undergrads to help get a head start in their creative careers. Congratulations to those who pitched – so proud of you all!



October 20th –
The Rabbit and the Moon - showcased today – selected as Curator’s Choice. Thanks so much to the amazing Sou MacMillan and her team of judges. Congratulations to everyone!



So very happy to be part of Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s last ever long-list:


Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival is a celebration of the meeting of poetry and the visual arts at the intersection of film, which invites writers and filmmakers to make non-performance short films illustrating original poems by living authors



Preparing for a trip to the Indian Ocean
Residency at a Primary School on Mauritius with time to explore the wildlife of the island and the Indian Ocean. Star encounters include the rare Echo Parrot, with a population of around 300, one of the world's most elusive birds.


Time spent working with a giant tortoises conservation project –
extraordinary creatures who make us rethink time and perception.


And the super-smart macaques of the temple at Ganga Talao:



More Congratulations to Dr. Michael Leach! Mike has been elected a Fellow of the Zoological Society (FZS). Wonderful news and so well deserved! Our planet needs committed champions.



JULY 2018

More translations to celebrate!



JUNE 2018 - -It’s here!

Very excited to announce that the Encyclopedia of Animals is published! Co-authored with Michael and published by Arcturus.
Thanks to our editor, Clare Hibbert @ Hollow Pond



APRIL 2018

Very happy to be a semi-finalist at the all new NEWLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

The mission of the Newlyn Film Festival is to raise the profile of filmmaking within the South West and to support local filmmakers through networks and recognition. Newlyn and Penzance in West Penwith form a unique environment for filmmakers, both in terms of locations and local talent and creativity. The varied festival programme aims to encourage filmmakers from all backgrounds as well as attracting new audiences to short film. We aim to cover the full possibilities of creative filmmaking through the range of award categories and careful scheduling of each screening session. From animation and poetry films through to documentary and short fiction formats, the festival aims to promote the best locally, nationally and internationally.

Thanks to Redcliffe Films, festival directors Anthea Page and Diana Taylor and to Lucy English and Sarah Tremlett for selecting deep pink.

Thanks to the Department of Contemporary Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University and to my AHoD, Ms. Bev Stevens and research lead Dr. Jane Turner for supporting my funding bid to help with festival attendance.



MARCH 2018

Caithness International Science Festival – a very happy visit to schools in the far north. Thanks to Amanda and the Festival team.

The highlight of the visit was an evening of  "Exploration and Discovery" with Michael Leach and Duane Carey, NASA astronaut and pilot of the Columbia Space Shuttle on its trip to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.
Duane reflected on his time orbiting the Earth 165 times and Michael spoke about our experiences exploring tropical rainforests, polar regions and other wild places. Thanks to Cheryl and Duane for good company and a great evening, hope we can do it again sometime.



FEBRUARY 2018 - Kin and an early return of the sun…

I’ve been invited to showcase Kin as part of the LIGHT UP POOLE, digital light art festival in Dorset.

Such an honour. And so special that this work emerges from a project including my college community. Thank you Paul, Ben and Rachel xxx



February 2018

Wildlife Watcher Guide published in Spanish and French editions.




January 2018 - In Search of the Empty Quarter – Oman residency.

An exciting few days spent with the pupils of the American British Academy in Muscat, looking at Animal Adaptations, Polar Habitats  and Rainforest Ecology. A fascinating school and thoroughly enjoyable visit. Thanks to Mara Hakim and David Veinot for help, warm hospitality, coffee and dates.
The students were uniformly impressive too.




Longtime collaborator and mentor Mike has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS). That’s a lifetime ambition fulfilled for Mike. Thank you RGS. And there’s absolutely no excuse to rely on wonky satnavs for navigation ever again!




Lots of late nights working on the proofs of the Encyclopedia of Animals – thanks to our editor Clare Hibbert @ Hollow Pond



October 2017 - Murmurings about a murmuration

Very happy to share that Kin has been selected for showcase at the wonderful Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, Worcester, Massachusetts.  Thanks to my students and colleagues past and present for your help realising this project.  Special thanks to Mirander De-La-Haye, kitty queen extraordinaire,  who helped me to work out some of the ideas here - you're a star!




September 2017 - Rain frogs reach Portugal

Rain Frog Promise is showcased at Festival Silêncio, Guilherme Cossoul - Raul Solnado Hall, Lisbon, Portugal



August 2017


July 2017

Now a proud member of the wonderful National Botanic Garden of Wales


June 2017

Working on Kin, a film-poem emerging from interdisciplinary collaborative ‘murmuration’ project with Dr. Paul Evans, Dr. Ben Challis, Dr. Julie Armstrong, Ms. Rachel Rimmer and students from Manchester Met and the local community. Part of the Animate:Saltscape project with which MMUC is partnered.


May 2017

Excited to be working on a new publication for  ARCTURUS PUBLISHING LIMITED... giant tube worms rule!


April 2017 - Nature Explorer for Kids published in Italian!


March 2017

Thanks to Caithness International Science Festival for hosting such an inspiring Science Week Programme.


February 20th and 21st

Thank you so much to the wonderful Northern Ireland Library Service for the invitation to be part of 'Fact February'.


January 2017 - Found in translation

The article “Conserving Polar Bears”; from World of Animals; April 2016; Issue 32 has been  translated into French as "L'Ours Blanc en Danger" and published in Le Grand Guide Des Ours; Edition Oracom, pp 142-146.



January 27th 2017 Northwest Poetry and Poetics Network – Poetry and Film event

For poets, film-makers, listeners and viewers – for anyone interested in the interactions between poetry and film The Northwest Poetry and Poetics Network offers a day-long symposium for sharing and discussing work. There will be screenings, conversations and contributions from leading practitioners, including Sarah Tremlett, Michael Symmons Roberts (in conversation with Martin Kratz), Helen Mort and Tom Jenks.
​Thanks so much to Sarah for including my work in her presentation :)


January 11th - February 21st 2017

excited to be invited to exhibit at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms. The 2-person show is entitled: UNNATURAL HISTORIES:LIES, LORE AND LONGING AN EXHIBITION OF WILDLIFE IMAGES & FOLKLORE
It included a talk to adults and children.


September 2016

Thrilled to be nominated for the Curator's Prize at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival



August 2016 – Just launched

Wildlife Watcher Guide and Nature Explorer Guide for Kids (with Michael Leach) Another in the Ultimate Guides series for children, we explore the skills needed to track, observe and photograph wildlife.  The practical chapters cover field-craft, equipment, safety, identification and photography - in habitats such as woodland, urban, mountains and water.  
Flexibound (QED) and Paperback (Firefly Books).


August 2016 – Hen Harrier Weekend – 8th and 9th

Robert MacFarlane in conversation with Horatio Clare at Tate Liverpool. Discussing Landmarks and Old Ways and Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms.

Thanks to Dr Julie Armstrong for some excellent train-ride-home conversation!




small journeys skyward
Liberated Words Utopia/Dystopia Screenings

The Bath Fringe Festival, June 2nd 2016
Bath Royal Scientific and Literary Institution
Including live poetry from Sanket Shrestha – haunting insights into Nepal.



APRIL 2016 – World of Animals – Issue 32

“Conserving Polar Bears”

Five-page article on current conservation projects including an interview with Dr. Steven Amstrup.
Co-authored with Dr. Michael Leach.



APRIL 2016 - Birdwatching Magazine

A four-page co-authored article by Michael Leach and Meriel Lland, looking at current conservation efforts to save the Northern Bald Ibis.

Photographs by Michael and Meriel.




Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, Worcester, Massachusetts; October 10th 2015. Showcase Matinee: Nick’s Bar, Worcester.



AUGUST 2015 – Hen Harrier Day



TRIO MEDIAEVAL at the Wigmore Hall.

Crossing realms.




Pro.l.e, Barcelona – Sinestesis – Club Cronopios, c/ Ferlandina, 16
Saturday 18th July 19:30 2015




Contested Spaces: Shared Places, Manchester Metropolitan University Interdepartmental Conference, 07th July 2015.



MAY 2015:




SPRING 2015:

On May 13th 2015 the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon stated that “Emergency relief is never enough”, while on the same day the UN Member States adopted a resolution which indicates that Nepal needs “building back better”.

“Building back better” is precisely what Relief Nepal sets out to achieve providing assistance in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding of the country by providing in-kind and financial assistance; ensuring equal distribution of goods, knowledge and financial support as well as strengthening and developing local initiatives, resources and capacities.

The primary long-term goal of Relief Nepal is to develop a sustainable and resilient housing system for Nepal in collaboration with academic community in France and beyond and humanitarian organizations in order to form partnerships and affiliations that would allow us to carry out our mission effectively. Our team has already entered into a partnership with the University of Nantes, France, and launched talks with the academic staff of the University over support prospects. We are also developing a project with the French public safety organization “Protection Civile”.



SPRING 2015 - In Search of Waldrapps

To Tamri in Morocco tracking down the northern bald ibis. Also called the Waldrapp, this is one of the world's rarest birds, with just 600 left in the wild. The trip was to gather photos for an article on the conservation and  biology of this Red Data listed species. Fortunately the birds co-operated and the images worked very well.



APRIL 2015:

Nothing in the Garden - Poetry and Poetry Film Event organised by, Halo, Bristol.

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Included in a selection from Liberated Words curated by the lovely Sarah Tremlett and Lucy English.




Leonora Carrington at Tate Liverpool.



WINTER 2014:

A Natural History of Christmas. (Quandary Press)
Co-authored with Dr Michael Leach.
This looks at the integral part plants, animals and the environment play in the festivities of Christmas. The book covers holly, ivy, mistletoe and explains the unlikely story of why robins are so closely associated with Christmas. The authors explore the biological roots of our favourite stuffing. But best of all it reveals just why Santa’s reindeer are thought to fly.




International Film Poetry Festival; Theatre Embros, Athens; 28th Nov 2014.

“The yearly International Film Poetry Festival will be held for third time in Greece on Friday 28/11/2014 2014 in Athens. Approximately 1000 people attended the festival last year.

There will be two different zones of the festival. The first zone will include video poems, visual poems, short film poems and cinematic poetry by artists from all over the world (America, Asia, Europe, Africa). The second zone will include cross-platform collaborations of sound producers and music groups with poets and visual artists in live improvisations.

The International Film Poetry Festival 2014 attempts to create an open public space for the creative expression of all tendencies and streams of contemporary visual poetry.

It is very important to notice that this festival is a part of the counter-culture activities of Void Network and + the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and will be non-sponsored, free entrance, non commercial and non profit event. 
Void Network started organizing multi media poetry nights in 1990. Void Network and +the Institute [for Experimental Arts] believe that multi media Poetry Nights and Video Poetry shows can vibrate in the heart of Metropolis, bring new audiences in contact with contemporary poetry and open new creative dimensions for this ancient art.




IV International Poetry Film Contest’s selection for Cyclop-2014: Kiev, Ukraine.

November 23rd 2014

The CYCLOP 4th International Videopoetry Festival took place on November, 21th and 23th, 2014 in Ukraine (Kyiv). The festival program features video-visual poetry related lectures, workshops, round tables, discussions, presentations of international contests and festivals, as well as a demonstration of the best examples of Ukrainian and world videopoetry, competitive program, awarding ceremony and other interesting videopoetry related projects.



OCTOBER 2013 - Primates of the Caribbean. 

In BBC Wildlife, October 2013, Michael Leach and Meriel Lland have contributed a 6 page article from the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. The feature looks at the vervet monkeys of St Kitts - and their alcoholic habit of stealing drinks from beach bars.