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A little advertising, a little journalism, a whole lot of theatre, a first-class degree in Creative Writing and Visual Art, a Masters in Literary and Cultural Studies (with distinction) plus a doctorate in women’s self-portraiture, autobiography and storytelling. There’s also selling ice cream, waiting tables, washing dishes, walking homeless pooches, crewing a canal boat and baking cakes.


Adventures in literature, art and science encourage a crossing of boundaries. Practice embraces text, stills, movie and sound. Current preoccupation with eco-poetry, natural history/image-making and storytelling from cave art and landmarks to the anthropocene. What do the stories told of interactions between the human and non-human world reveal of the tellers? Into mark-making and traces.

Favourite word: Palimpsest – fascinated by the way faded pasts resurface in the present.


Scripting film-poems, researching reindeer-lore and learning to joik – singing to become the sung – in the Sámi song tradition.

Photographing Berber women in North Africa and seeking out hermit ibis flocks where water meets desert.

Recently published non-fiction articles on the conservation of the hermit ibis (Birdwatching Magazine)and polar bear conservation (World of Animals Magazine).

Nature Explorer for Kids - with Michael Leach; QED Publishing (August 2016)
Wildlife Watcher Guide: Animal Tracking - Photography Skills - Fieldcraft - Safety - Footprint Indentification - Camera Traps - Making a Blind - Night-Time Tracking – with Michael Leach; Firefly Books (August 2016).


20-year record of commended performance as tutor/enabler for under-graduate and graduate students with special interest in poetry, eco-poetry, scripting, film, documentary, non-fiction, journalism and interdisciplinary work. Most recently as Programme Lead for Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire.

In schools – collaborating in creation and delivery of Natural History talks, Photography, Creative Writing and Creative Non-Fiction workshops. Events include: Benenden School, UK (Science Week); Bavarian International School, Munich; ABA Muscat; SSIS, Saigon and Lambrook School, UK.


To look and listen closely; to hunt the untold moment. To explore the relationships between the natural world and human experience.


Experienced copywriter, editor and ghost-writer. Non-fiction work and journalism has been used in books, magazines and newspapers worldwide. UK Publications include BBC Wildlife, BBC Countryfile, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and RSPB Birds.

Non-fiction writer for young people.

Consultant to theatre companies and radio dramatist.

Film-poems showcased in UK, Europe and America.